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2019 summit

2019 Food Waste
Solutions Summit

Building on the success of the 2017 Food Waste Solutions Summit, 2019’s Summit expanded to include deeper dives into actionable steps, local inspiration, and national trends from every angle of food waste reduction and recovery. Select resources from the 2019 Summit can be found below:

F.A.R.M. Cafe: A High Country Food Recovery and Redistribution Program

A look at the innovative way F.A.R.M. Café in Boone, NC, is turning “ugly” fruits and vegetables, over-ordered items, and locally grown/created products nearing expiration or sell-by dates into meals for their community.

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Rerouting Waste: A Food Service Perspective

A comprehensive dive into the programs the University of North Carolina Asheville is using to bring students, faculty, and community partners along on their journey to reduce food waste on campus.

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Graphic Notetaker

EPA’s Sustainable Management of Food:
A National Perspective

An update and review of efforts toward the EPA’s 2030 Food Loss and Waste Goal.

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Waste Audit 101

A go-to set of resources for getting the metrics you need to create and customize an organics collection program.

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Toolkit of Resources from the
2019 Food Waste Solutions Summit

A collection of ideas, tips, recommended readings, and resources from the speakers, presenters and panelists of the 2019 Food Waste Solutions Summit.

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