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2021 Home Food Waste Challenge

April 2021 is Food Waste Reduction Month! We’ve organized a Home Food Waste Challenge so that you can get involved, learn ways to reduce food waste in your home, and so we can learn from each other as a community! We hope that this challenge raises awareness and enthusiasm around reducing food waste!

Did we mention that there are some fun prizes involved?

How to Enter

Pick one or ALL of the challenges below. Document them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the following hashtags #AVLFoodWasteChallenge, #SavetheFoodAVL, #SavetheFoodWNC, #NRDCFoodMatters. Be sure to tag @wncfoodwaste so that we see them.

You will be entered to win each time you post! Posts on Instagram must be made to your feed and not to stories.
Conduct a Home Food Waste Audit
Track the food you compost and throw away by completing Page 2 of the worksheet for each week you’d like to participate.
Share your worksheet on social media.
Share Your Fave Food Waste Hacks
Show us your favorite home food waste hacks!
An amazing recipe using food ‘scraps’? A way to make food last longer? A special way of organizing your refrigerator? We want to learn from you.
Take a photo and share your favorite hacks with us!
 Spot the Truck

In April, two City of Asheville trash collection trucks will sport the Save the Food Logo. If you see one, snap a photo and share it with us!

Show Us Food Reduction in Action

See some amazing food waste reduction action out in the world?

A restaurant redistributing food? Neighbors feeding food scraps to their chickens?

We want to see it!


The Prizes

Seasonal Cooking & Food Storage Prize Package
From @ware.avl
  • Six Seasons, A New Way With Vegetables by Joshua McFadden
  • 4 reusable silicone Stasher bags in 3 sizes and 4 colorways
  • 2 large Vejibag Vegetable Crisper Bags 
  • A crocheted tear drop basket in Wild Rose (excellent for storing alliums, potatoes, etc)   –Or whatever description you prefer!–
  • A $50 gift certificate from the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project to participating area farmers markets


Fermentation Prize Package
  • 3 16oz jars of some of the tastiest products from Fermenti: (Ginger and Turmeric Pink Kraut, Apple Carrot Kraut, Kimchi)
  • One At-Home Fermentation Kit 

From @ware.avl

  • 3 Aplat couvre-plat organic cotton bowl covers in large, medium and small from @ware.avl

From @asapconnections 

  • A $50 gift certificate from the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project to participating area farmers markets


Composting Starter Kit Prize Package
  • 1 Full Circle Odor-Free composting collector (great for small spaces and apartments)
  • 1 box of Full Circle compostable bin liners
  • 1 package of Full Circle Scrap Sack compostable scrap collector bags (perfect for collecting scraps while traveling or camping)

From Valley View Worms

  • 1 gallon of worm castings (also known as vermicast, this is organic fertilizer made from worm waste–perfect for healthy, rich soil)


How many times can I enter this challenge?

You can enter as many times as you’d like! The more you enter, the greater your changes of winning a prize.

When can I enter?

You can enter anytime in April, but the sooner the better!

When will you announce prize winners?

We will randomly select three winners during the first week of May

Are the prizes really amazing?

YES! You can revisit them above! And shh… we may be adding some more prizes in April.

Do I have to live in Western North Carolina to enter?

NO! But some prizes will only be available for local pickup. But while the prizes are really cool, enthusiasm about food waste is even cooler 🙂

Do I have to use all of those tags?

No, but be sure to tag us at @wncfoodwaste and use #AVLFoodWasteChallenge so that we see your posts. But the more food waste related tags you use, the more we share food waste reduction enthusiasm with the world 🙂


    • Always great to have your support! 🙂

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