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We are a community of volunteers working together to reduce food waste in Western North Carolina

Why Does Food Waste Matter?

In the United States, an estimated 30 to 40 percent of available food is wasted. With the seeming abundance of food all around us, it’s hard to imagine the impact that food waste has to our community. Reducing food waste could not only help to feed thousands of hungry people but it could also minimize the impact to climate change, reduce what ends up at our landfills and increase food security.


Learn more about the Western North Carolina businesses that are going the extra mile to reduce food waste

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Who cares if a carrot has a slight bend? They’re all the same when they end up on the plate.
Tristam Stuart
Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
Michael Pollan
Many of the items that we consider “waste” are culinary staples in other cultures because people have found a way to make them delicious through good cooking.
Dan Barber
Food production is the single biggest cause of deforestation. The single biggest cause of water extraction. The single biggest cause of habitat loss and biodiversity loss. Meanwhile, one third of all of that impact is going on to produce food that ends up being wasted.

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